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ABF Ingredients (ABFI) is a family of seven Specialty Ingredients businesses within the Associated British Foods group. Each business brings together leading experts in their own fields who are empowered to serve their customers. They offer innovative, differentiated products and services to the food, health and nutrition, pharmaceutical, animal health and industrial sectors. Their ingredients are widely employed to deliver key functionality like taste, texture and efficiency in products we use every day, as well as providing natural, healthy and sustainable solutions to meet changing customer demands. Functional lipids from ABITEC Corp. are used in dietary supplements to improve nutrient absorption. Ohly’s yeast based products provide taste and texture in snacks, soups and meat alternatives. Extruded products and Rice Flours from PGP International provide protein and texture to cereals/energy/nutrition bars and plant based protein products Fytexia’s polyphenol-based compounds are scientifically proven to deliver benefits when used in dietary supplements. Enzymes from AB Enzymes provide products for the baking, food and alternative proteins categories SPI Pharma provide innovative solutions for pharmaceutal and nutritional industry including excipients make tablets more pleasant and easier for patients to carry, store and take. Microbiome modulating ingredients from AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health are used in dietary supplements to support digestive health, joints and immune function. We serve a range of customers globally, from large multinationals to small and medium enterprises, often operating in highly regulated industries where safety and quality are paramount. We’re committed to creating a consistent, compliant and controlled supply chain, end to end. That’s why all our companies have the highest level of certifications and quality standards, from ISO to Pharma GMP. Our customers trust in our technical expertise and come to us as the partner of choice to collaborate in developing superior quality ingredients which help them to deliver unique products for consumers. That’s the key to why we’re different. It’s all about finding out what our customers want and then making sure they get it.
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Binders, Dairy Replacers, Egg Replacers, Emulsifiers, Enzymes, Food, Fat and Oil Replacers, Fermented Products, Flavor Enhancers, Flavor Maskers, Grain-Based Food Ingredients, Masking Agents, Nutritional Bases, Oils, Speciality, Pasta and Noodles, Pea Ingredients, Protein, Hemp, Protein, Pea, Protein, Rice, Protein, Soy, Salt Substitutes, Seasonings, Soy Sauce, Surfactants, Yeast Extracts, Excipients, Shelf life extenders, Bee Propolis, Cannabinoids, Collagen: Fish, Enzymes, Nutritional, FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Prebiotics, Probiotics, Yeast, Nutritional
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AB Enzymes - Plant-based Dairy Alternatives
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AB Enzymes - Functional Plant Protein Hydrolysates


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