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We know how hard it can be to get better. That’s why, for sixty years, we’ve been getting better at helping our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical partners make people better. Founded in Mumbai in 1961, ACG now serves companies all over the world, touching almost every aspect of solid dosage manufacturing. With a presence in 138 countries on six continents, ACG is now the world’s largest integrated supplier of solid dosage products and services – providing hard-shell capsules, film and foil barriers, track and trace systems, and process, packing and inspection equipment. We make it better, so you make it better, so together we can make people better. Our Businesses Include: ACG Capsules Medicine is only as good as how well it’s delivered to the body. ACG Machinery Medicine is only as good as the equipment that manufactures it. ACG Inspection Medicine is only as good as the systems that ensure it arrives safely at its destination. ACG Films & Foils Medicine is only as good as the barriers that protect their integrity. Our Approach: A healthier world through partnership. While pharma and nutra companies develop the formulations that go into medicines and supplements, we provide the equipment and consumables to produce and deliver those formulations at scale – always ensuring the highest levels of efficacy are maintained. A healthier world through integration. Things work better (and easier) when they’re designed to work together. Fewer suppliers also means simpler accountability when things go wrong. We are the world’s most integrated solid dosage manufacturing provider, and are continually finding new ways of making everything work better together. A healthier world through sustainability. How can we have healthy people if the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat aren’t healthy too? At ACG, part of our commitment to making the world healthier is to making the world, itself, healthier. Taking a leadership approach in the development of cleaner processes and technologies is another way in which we continually strive to make it better.
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