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Acme-Hardesty, a division of Jacob Stern and Sons, Inc. is an industry leader and innovative supplier of sustainable, renewable, and bio-based solutions. Acme-Hardesty has sold ingredients into the Life Sciences segment for over 80 years. Our dedicated Life Sciences Team is focused on providing safe, reliable, healthy, and tasty ingredients for several segments including Nutritional Supplements, Pet Care, Food & Beverage, Animal Feed & Supplements, and Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Current product offerings for Acme-Hardesty Life Sciences include specialty ingredients such as MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), glycerine, organic proteins, botanicals, prebiotics, hydrocolloids,and natural sweeteners. The team is also expanding into other product platforms through new product introductions, principal partnerships, and business development opportunities.  In addition to our many innovative oleo ingredients, one of our feature product offerings is our acacia gum prebiotics. Prebiotics are plant fibers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria and exist in many fruits and vegetables. Acme-Hardesty offers a prebiotic soluble fiber supplement in its portfolio called PreBio M (Acacia Gum). PreBio M (Acacia Gum) serves as a food source for the healthy bacteria living in the stomach and intestines. Recently, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized acacia gum as a dietary fiber. This supplement stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora and supports sugar and lipid metabolism. PreBio M contains a higher soluble fiber concentration than any other prebiotic variants currently on the market, containing an 85-90% natural prebiotic concentration. It's also a cleaner, whiter, finer, and purer substance than comparable ingredients.  Acme-Hardesty provides you with innovative ingredient solutions for your Life Sciences needs. Please visit our website or follow us on social media to learn more. | @acmehardestyco
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