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Activ’Inside - Your Expert in High-Quality Botanical Extracts and Actives. Based in Bordeaux, France, Activ’Inside is dedicated to producing exceptional food supplements that are backed by a profound understanding of the importance of ingredients. With a firm belief in the power of contemporary science, we have developed a unique approach that combines traditional knowledge with innovative techniques, making us true experts in the field of botanical extracts. Our commitment to excellence is supported by our patents and extensive clinical studies, which validate the efficacy of our active ingredients. At Activ’Inside, our specialization lies in neuronutrition and nutricosmetics. We possess unrivaled insight into the raw materials we supply, enabling us to provide our clients with the richest sources of active molecules. Through the application of modern scientific methods, we identify, unveil, produce, and validate these essential components, ensuring our clients receive only the highest quality ingredients. Our dedication to botanical extracts is unwavering, and we continuously strive to enhance our botanical expertise at every stage of your product development. We understand and appreciate the nuances of each extract, allowing us to cater to the unique needs of the food nutrition industry. Our core value, "Science inside, claims outside" resonates throughout our work, ensuring that our proprietary raw materials remain true to their natural origins while delivering exceptional scientific benefits. Choose Activ’Inside as your trusted partner and unlock the true potential of your products. Experience the difference that our expertise, commitment to quality, and innovative approach can make.
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ImprovD3 - green tea extract 1758
ImprovD3 - green tea extract
SkinAx²™ - vegan collagen booster consisting of grapes, SOD from melon, vitamin C and zinc 1757
SkinAx²™ - vegan collagen booster consisting of grapes, SOD from melon, vitamin C and zinc