Supplier Presentation Theater: Booth #3677
Supplier Presentation Theater is one of the most effective ways to learn about new and innovative ingredient technologies. These sponsored presentations are devoted to ingredient and service-specific science, applications, formulation, and marketing and are free to all attendees.

Session details:
Date & Time
Wednesday October 25th, 2023 11:00am PDT
End Date & Time
Wednesday October 25th, 2023 4:50pm PDT
Booth #3677

Chenland's Presentation: 6 keys to growing overseas suppliers’ business and reputation

Join Chenland Nutritionals Inc. in a discussion with Loren Israelsen, president of UNPA, about the key factors to growing overseas suppliers’ business and reputation in a short period. The discussion will draw from Chenland’s real experience in industry regulation, clinical research, and sales and marketing, and will share some benefits of being a member of a well-known industry organization in the U.S.
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OmniActive's Presentation: Sustainability now! Social and environmental responsibility in action

Attendees will gain unique insights from TEDx speaker and United Nations representative Rushva Parihar into the quickly evolving, multifaceted social and environmental sustainability (SES) landscape including:
1.    Understanding the role of a company in society today—consumer expectations and other stakeholder benefits 
2.    Why companies create change and how to do it meaningfully 
3.    When talking about what you do, understanding greenwashing and how to avoid it
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Chr. Hansen's Presentation: Unveiling the power of probiotics: Addressing gut discomfort with CLEPIUS™ L. plantarum

When it comes to overall health, no two bodies are alike.  At Chr. Hansen, our Human Health team continues to invest in science and the further expansion of our probiotic offerings.  Join us for a presentation on the role of probiotics in the gut and on gut-brain health where we’ll be diving into Chr. Hansen’s newest probiotic strain: CLEPIUS™ L. plantarum. In a recently published clinical study, supplementation with CLEPIUS™ L. plantarum alleviated perceived stress related to gastrointestinal discomfort and helped normalize stool consistency.
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Zymebase's Presentation: Sustainable carbohydrates for sports and fitness enthusiasts

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for sports and fitness enthusiasts, especially those engaging in high-intensity activities. Zymebase Inc. has developed a special kind of carbohydrate named SusCarb®, which is a highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD).  Compared to other HBCDs on the market, SusCarb® has more branches and more consistent molecular sizes, while retaining the physio-biochemical attributes of HBCD. These characteristics make SusCarb® a rapid and sustainable carbohydrate that enhances sports performance and endurance.  
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Indena's Presentation: RELISSA™: Keep calm, sleep well and live better with the help of nature

There is a new way to balance mood and manage stress: RELISSA™, leveraging Phytosome™ technology, optimizes the efficacy of Melissa officinalis L. and helps you live peacefully.

RELISSA™ is the new health food ingredient in which tradition and innovation are effectively combined to address mental, emotional and sleep health. The recognized properties of lemon balm are optimized by Phytosome™ technology, providing an advanced botanical effectively supported by preclinical and clinical evidence.
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CJ America's Presentation: WellNrich, a new range of organic minerals derived from natural sources
Minerals are vital for many biological processes as well as key metabolic reactions and are also found in cell structure. Organic minerals formed by or from living organisms offer superior health benefits to inorganic minerals given their higher bioavailability and lack of unwanted side-effects. The new, natural, organic mineral product range, WellNrich, developed by CJ CheilJedang Food & Nutrition Tech offers a balanced nutrient solution that helps promote optimal overall health.
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EpiCor's Presentation: Announcing clinical results – EpiCor® postbiotic for children’s immune support

Because of the unique developmental and physiological differences of children, research on this population is essential. With this in mind the EpiCor postbiotic team at Cargill, in partnership with research organization KGK Science, has completed a trial looking at how EpiCor, delivered in a dietary supplement gummy, can support the immune system of children ages 4-12. Join us as we announce the results of our most recent human clinical trial; data not yet published.
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Novozymes One Health's Presentation: Psychobiotics: The emergence of game-changing evidence for the future of mental wellness

A psychobiotic is a relatively new term in the “biotics” arena. Discover more about the world of psychobiotics and how their influence on the gut-brain axis has the power to influence brain and mental health. Our leading expert in the field will share more insights about neuroscience, the discovery of a unique bacterial strain that can support mental wellness, the breakthrough research carried out and the convincing evidence gathered throughout the years.
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Monteloeder's Presentation: Innovative botanical blend solutions—science and more 

Join us for an insightful talk featuring Monteloeder’s chief scientific officer, as we unveil the secrets behind ideation, research and development of cutting-edge ingredients in the nutritional supplements industry. Discover our diverse ingredient portfolio, the latest research findings and our exciting 2024-2026 development pipeline. Be sure to be part of the exclusive reveal of our latest ingredient during the presentation. Our U.S. brand manager will kickstart the event by shedding light on the U.S. market and how our innovations cater to U.S. consumer demands. Don't miss this informative session!
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